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Tiramisù au chocolat

Navigating in the many websites that present tempting recipes of tiramisu accompanied by tempting pictures, I finally decided to give a go to this traditional Italian cake last Christmas (that is the extent to which I was fed up of Christmas sweets!).

I followed every step meticulously, without adding or taking a gram from the original recipe. The result? A good tiramisu, but not excellent, at all. Just a mediocre cake, enough to calm a sweet craving but not at all at patisserie level. So as soon as I had another chance (and why not, a suitable mould), I gave it a second go, and believe me, this time, not even the crumbs stuck on the mould walls were left.

Soft, velvet-like, sweet but at the same time with enough coffee taste to avoid cloying. Simply delicious! After this second experience, tiramisu has scaled to the top positions of my “easy-quick-tasty” recipes that leave people wondering how you made it. You’ll certainly be asked for the recipe.

Ingredients (4 servings, 10×20 cm mould)

–       250 g of mascarpone

–       2 medium eggs

–       100 g caster sugar

–       50 g of dark chocolate chips

–       100 g of sponge fingers (or just as many as you need to cover the base of your mould twice)

–       Cocoa powder

–       ½ cup of strong black coffee (“expresso lungo”)/exchangeable for liqueur (Amaretto, Tia María).

Step by step

–       Separate the whites from the yolk. Beat the yolks with the caster sugar until white in a big bowl. In another recipient, beat the whites until consistent.

–       Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave (40 sec at 800W). Stir well after taking them out, they tend to “preserve” their shape despite of being actually melted.

–       Mix the mascarpone with the yolks and finally add the chocolate. Eventually, add the whites to the mixture in several stages, moving the spatula or spoon from the bottom of the bowl to the top, thus, “incorporating” them.

–       Place a layer of sponge fingers at the bottom of the bowl and sprinkle them with coffee (I would personally avoid soaking them in it, since the moisture of the mixture will already soften them enough, coffee should only steep them so that they get the flavour).

–       Cover the sponge finger layer with half of the mixture and scatter some cocoa powder on it.

–       Place a second layer of sponge

fingers, moisten them with the remaining coffee, and cover with the remaining mixture. Finally sprinkle with cocoa powder.

–       Let it set for at least 4 hours in the fridge. I would personally make it the day before, so that it has plenty of time to gain consistency.


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