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How to experience tea – the definitive tea experience

I was born in a Mediterranean country; I grew up in the culture of coffee.

Coffee is an essential element of Mediterranean culture, not only as a beverage, but also as a social binder. Phrases such as “let’s have a coffee after work” are more than common and have become social conventions for “let’s meet” (one does not need to actually have coffee).

It makes its first appearance at breakfast time, and it sneaks into many people’s morning breaks. However, its indisputable place is after lunch, normally accompanying the “sobretaula-sobremesa-nactischzeit”, that moment when the meal has been finished but no one wants to leave the comfort of the table and the company of those sitting around it.

Due to this strong cultural influence, one would expect me to be a coffee drinker. However, although I can endure the smell, I am not able to stand its sharp bitter taste in my mouth, even if made by experts (and believe me, I’ve tried very well made coffee).
Therefore, I have always had a tendency towards tea, a less aggressive drink. At the beginning, it was simply more accessible to my young paladar, but with time I started noticing its different dimensions and infinit possibilities.

I began getting properly used to it (if not addicted, now I cannot have breakfast without it!), so my first experiences were English teas. Nevertheless, I began being curious about other tea conceptions (mainly due to cinematographic influence), and I started to explore different varieties, from Moroccan mint tea to Japanese Matcha.

Three weeks ago, looking at the visual disorder of my mugs, and noticing the absence of a proper tea pot in my kitchen, I made up my mind and I decided to acquire proper equipment. I went to the local shops, nothing there. So I decided to pursue my quest online. After visiting several websites I discovered JING Tea. Their website is not only pleasant visually, but also provides accurate information regarding their range of products (from tea varieties to all the tools involved in the process of Gong Fu tea making). I particularly appreciated the section “New to tea“, the introductory tea packs and the explanatory videos.

The website offers the possibility to explore tea varieties geographically, by taste, by type and even by moment of the day, helping out during the choosing process for those who are still a bit lost in the tea world.

However, despite their wide range of teas (reasonably priced, I must say), I was most impressed by the tea ware and gift sections. Simply impressive. I ended up acquiring the a glass set for one. I couldn’t be happier about the choice. The tea pot and cup are beautiful and allow seeing and controlling the infusion process.  Perfect.

Along the tea set, I bought a tea starter set, including Dragon Well Green tea, Silver Needle White tea, Huo Shan Yellow buds, Yellow Gold Oolong tea, Yunnan Gold Black tea and Vintage Loose Raw Puerh tea. They are all very delicate, and I really enjoyed being able to taste a new kind of tea every day for almost a week (but I will never give up my Earl Grey addiction for breakfast!).

All in all, JING Tea has been a great discovery. Their webpage is bookmarked in my browser.


JING TeaFrom Jing Tea

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